A Week in the Life of a Biomedical Sciences Student

First and Second Year (50 hrs/wk)

Pie chart depicting time spent in first 2 and a second year

First Year

Class Time: During class you will spend time in lectures and graduate seminars covering topics in biomedical science.

Research: You will spend much of your time performing laboratory and literature research to complete your master’s thesis.

Studying: Study time may consist of reading textbooks, reviewing class notes, and evaluating research findings.

Second Year

Class Time: We offer graduate seminars and elective courses to help you build a more advanced knowledge of specific topics in biomedical science.

Research: Research continues in the second year as you work to complete your master’s thesis projects.

Studying: You will continue to study for seminars and elective courses in the second year.

Non-Academic Time

There are many cultural and recreational things to do when you live in Southern California, so our students try to take advantage of them when they can.