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Question 1: What are your admission requirements?
Please visit our view requirements web page for complete details.

Question 2: Is the DAT required?
The Dental Admission Test (DAT) scores are required as part of your application file. An official score report must be received before your application will be sent to the Admissions Committee for review. Your DAT must be taken no later than October 15, of the year of application. DAT scores are valid for up to three years. DAT scores are valid for three years (based on the start of the application cycle). For the 2018 entering class, test dates prior to June 1, 2014 are NOT acceptable.

Question 3: Are you accepting DAT scores?
All DAT scores should be reported through AADSAS.

Question 4: Will you accept Canadian DAT scores?
No, we do not accept Canadian DAT scores at this time.

Question 5: How many students will you be accepting?
We anticipate seating a class of 64-69 students.

Question 6: When will applications become available?
WesternU's College of Dental Medicine participates in the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS). Applications are available in early June via the ADEA website. Supplemental applications will be available on our website around the same time. Both applications and DAT scores are required to complete your application file. Application deadline is December 1. Applicants are urged to apply and complete their application files as early as possible. WesternU subscribes to the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) recommendation that dental schools notify applicants of provisional or final acceptance on or after December 1 of the academic year prior to the academic year of matriculation. For more information, please visit our apply now page.

Question 7: Do you have a limit on community college hours?
No. We do not limit the number of community college credit hours you can take.

Question 8: Can I speak with a counselor about my application?
Feel free to contact us after reviewing the site with any additional questions you might have.

Question 9: What recommendation letters do you require?
We prefer a letter from a Pre-Health Professions Committee. If a Committee letter is not available, three individual letters are required. Two must be from college-level science professors. The third can be from another college professor or a dentist with whom you have shadowed or for whom you have worked.

Question 1: What if I cannot remember my Login ID or PIN?
Send an email to EDS@westernu.edu. Please include your legal name, program you applied for, mailing address, phone number and birth date.

Question 2: What if I am locked out of my account?
Send an email to EDS@westernu.edu. Please include your legal name, Login ID and program you applied for.

Question 3: What is the difference between "Applications in Progress" and "Processed Applications"?
The Application Menu can have up to three sections:

  • Applications in Progress: If you wish to create a new application, click "NEW". If you started an application and didn't complete it, click on the appropriate term in this section.
  • Submitted Applications: Applications listed here have not been entered by Enrollment Data Services (EDS). This could take 1-2 business days after you "Complete" your application. If your application has not moved to "Processed Applications" after 2 business days, please contact EDS at EDS@westernu.edu
  • Processed Applications: Check your application status and view outstanding requirements, by clicking on the term in this section. Status updates can take 5-7 business days after receipt of application materials.

Question 4: How do I check my application status online?
Login to the "Admissions Application/View Application Checklist Login" web page using the Login ID and PIN you created with your application. Under "Processed Applications" click the Admission Term. Check Application Status; if "Incomplete", check for missing dates under Received column. Please keep in mind that it can take 5 to 7 business days, after receipt of your application materials, to post those items to your application. If your application materials are not posted to your account after the appropriate amount of time, please email EDS@westernu.edu for more information; include your legal name and any alternate name(s) that may appear on your documents.

Question 5: What if I want to change information on my application after I have completed it?
After your application is complete, changes cannot be made however, you can send us a word document, PDF or email which can be added to your application. Please send to EDS@westernu.edu. Please include your legal name, Login ID and program you applied for.

Question 6: How do I view the contents of my application after I have completed it?
Unfortunately, once your application is complete, you cannot view the contents. We suggest that you print each section prior to completing your application.

Question 7: When checking my application status, why do I see more than one term listed under "Processed Applications" when I've only submitted one online application?
If you applied to multiple programs/campuses via a Primary and/or Secondary Application, you will see all active applications listed here by the term. This doesn't necessarily mean we have received all required applications/materials. Please verify all requirements have been received. (See Question 4:"How do I check my application status online?" above.)

Question 8: What if I want to apply to more than one program? Do I need to create a new Login ID?
You can create multiple applications with one Login ID. Just select "New" under "Applications in Progress" to start a new application.

Question 9: Can I use my preferred name on my application?
Always use your "Legal" name on your applications (both Primary and Secondary). Nicknames/Preferred names must not be used. If the program you are applying to requires a Primary and Secondary application, your name must match exactly for both applications to be properly applied to your record. Please send an email to EDS@westernu.edu notifying us of errors as soon as possible. Please include your legal name, Login ID and program you applied to.

Question 10: What address should I use if I need to mail any additional application materials?
For official documents (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) please mail to:
Western University of Health Sciences
Attn: EDS/program you are applying for (DO, PHARMD, DPM, etc.)
309 E Second Street
Pomona, CA 91766

For non-official documents (prerequisite worksheets, repeated coursework, etc.) please email to EDS@westernu.edu. Please include your legal name, Login ID and program you applied for.

Question 11: How do I pay my application fee?
All application fees require payments made by credit card. Only cards with Visa and Master Card logos will be accepted.No checks, money orders, or cash will be accepted for payment of application fees.

Question 12: What if I don't have a Visa or Master Card?
Payment may be made with a Visa or Master Card prepaid gift card which can be purchased at many major chain stores or online. Please be aware that the gift card must contain a balance sufficient to cover the application fee in one full payment.

Question 13: Are fee waivers accepted?
Application fees must be paid by credit card to submit your online application. To qualify for an application refund due to a financial hardship, you must contact Admissions for instructions and approval. After approval, your credit card charge will be refunded (this could take up to 10-15 business days).

Question 14: What if I cannot find a College Code for a school I attended?
Please be sure to search for your school in the "Previous College(s) Attended" section of your application using City and State by selecting the "Lookup College Code" link. If your school is not listed, please send an email to EDS@westernu.edu. Please include your legal name, Login ID and program you applied for. The college codes in our system are WesternU specific and may be different from college codes provided by your institution.

Question 15: How do I find a College Code for schools outside of the United States?
Please do not list foreign schools in the "Previous College" section of your application. All foreign coursework must be evaluated (course-by-course) through an approved evaluation service (World Education Services or Josef Silny & Associates). Instead of listing the foreign schools you attended, please list the service used to evaluate your foreign coursework. You can find World Education Services and Josef Silny& Associates by selecting the Lookup College Code link and searching by Country and selecting 'Foreign Country' and City 'Foreign City'. If you need additional assistance, please email EDS@westernu.edu. Please include your legal name, Login ID and program you applied for.

Question 16: How do I view the colleges that I have already entered?
Select "Previous College(s) Attended" from the Application Checklist. If you previously entered and saved school information to your application, the first school's details will be displayed in the form. Click "Enter or View another College or Degree" to view any additional schools. When you come to a blank form, there are no additional saved schools available. When you are done viewing your schools, select "Return to Checklist without saving changes".

Question 17: How do I remove a college from my application?
If you have added an incorrect college or duplicate college in error, it cannot be removed until your application is submitted. Make a list of any colleges that must be removed, then continue with your application. Once you have submitted your application, email EDS@westernu.edu requesting to have those schools removed from your application and specify the reason for removing them from your record. Please include your legal name, Login ID, and program you applied for.

Question 18: I am a current employee of WesternU, are there any additional forms needed for HR purposes?
If you are a current employee of WesternU, you must complete an Employee Authorization Release Form. You can request this form by sending an email to EDS@westernu.edu. Please include your legal name, Login ID and program you applied for.

Question 19: Will I receive notification that my application was received?
Yes, once your application is processed we will send an email confirming it was received. Please be sure to check your "Junk Mail" folder for this email and allow emails from the domain 'westernu.edu' (WesternU Faculty, Staff, and Students) to avoid any delay of its delivery. For more information on adding WesternU to your email whitelist, please review these Email Whitelist Instructions. If you need additional assistance, please email EDS@westernu.edu. Please include your legal name, Login ID and program you applied for.

Question 1: Can you provide me with some information about the accreditation process?
Please visit our accreditation page for more information.

Question 2: Where can I find more information about the curriculum?
For detailed information, visit our examine the curriculum page.

Question 3: Do you offer a program for Foreign Trained Dentists?
No, at this time, we are not offering a program for foreign trained dentists.

Question 4: Does the College of Dental Medicine include a hygienist program?
No, at this time, we do not have a dental hygienist program.

Question 5: Your College of Dental Medicine will be offering a DMD degree. What is the difference between DDS and DMD degrees?
According to the American Dental Association: The DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) and DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) degrees are equivalent.

Question 6: Does WesternU offer on-campus housing?
WesternU does not offer on-campus housing however there are a number of apartment and housing options nearby. Most of our students live within 15-20 minutes of campus. Visit the housing website once you're admitted to post available housing or to indicate you're looking for a place to live – students from all eight of our colleges utilize this site, so there are numerous opportunities available.

Question 7: What are the hours for your library?
You can find the library hours on our website along with additional information about the library and learning resource center.

Question 8: Are laptops be required?
Yes, laptops are required. We suggest that you do not purchase a new laptop until you have been accepted into our program. At that time, we will provide you with recommended specifications. If you purchase your laptop after June 1 of the year of matriculation, you may be able to include the cost in your financial aid package.

Question 9: Can I visit your campus?
We would love for you to visit campus.  Attend Preview Day where we will provide you with detailed information on the curriculum and profession as well as the admission and accreditation processes.  You will also have the opportunity to hear from the dean/upper administration and chat with current WesternU students as they tour you through the existing facilities.  If you're interested in a tour only, you can also sign-up for a campus tour. The tours will only include our existing colleges until the construction of the new buildings are complete.

Question 10: How long is your program?
The Doctor of Dental Medicine program can be completed in 4 years.

Question 11: How much are your tuition and fees for the dental program?
Visit the tuition/scholarships page for tuition information as well as scholarship and loan recommendations.