Examine the Curriculum

Graduates score in the 97% to 100% range on their national nurse practitioner certification exams and work in primary care clinics, private practice and specialty areas of their choice.

The curriculum is delivered primarily through the Web with just two weekend campus visits (to the Pomona, CA campus) per semester.

Review the Course Listing in our Catalog For more detail regarding the curriculum, please review the course descriptions (PDF) in our University catalog.

We Prepare You for Online Learning

“It is amazing how fast you get to know your classmates when you are all on the discussion boards in Blackboard and then immersed in class for a day at a time!”
-Faith Richardson, DNP Student

The pre-program course titled, "Communication and Information Management", (CGN 5000) is mandatory for all students and is offered in the summer prior to your first semester. This course will orient you to the web-based format of all subsequent online courses, as well as familiarize you with the College of Graduate Nursing's policies, student roles, and writing demands.

During the pre-program, you'll take part in computer skills training sessions in which you'll learn how to:

  • Navigate Blackboard Learn, which is the e-platform system used to deliver online courses
  • Post comments on discussion boards via Blackboard Learn
  • Submit a paper online in APA format with references
  • Access internet resources

New Student Orientation: All students enrolled in the College of Graduate Nursing will be required to attend the University campus orientation in August prior to beginning classes their first year. During orientation, students will participate in both college and university sessions. Students will be provided with information regarding the orientation program. Students are welcome to invite their family members to attend the annual Convocation and White Coat ceremonies, which occur at the end of orientation week. Students will have the opportunity to purchase medical equipment, textbooks, and uniforms (if applicable) during the on campus Orientation/Welcome Week.

Web-Based Curriculum for Working Professionals
The curriculum consists of three core components:

  1. Self-directed web-based courses that include assignments, exams, and online discussions where you will collaborate with faculty to achieve learning objectives.
  2. Intensive one- to three-day seminar weekends on campus (2 per semester) provide valuable time for you to interact one-on-one with faculty and your peers. The schedule includes clinical skill-building labs and testing, selected clinical experiences with faculty, lectures, student presentations and content assessments.
  3. Clinical Experiences are an integral part of the FNP curriculum. To learn more, please visit the
    FNP Clinical Experiences page.

Outstanding Academic Support

Fredo Clermont“There is no better place to obtain your advanced Nursing education than WesternU. You will be challenged and pushed intellectually. Being a graduate student is not an easy task by any stretch of imagination and having faculty members that make your success a priority goes a long way. Ultimately, WesternU prepares you for whatever may come next in your professional career.”
– Fredo Clermont, MSNFNP

Caring about students and helping them achieve success is the hallmark of all WesternU faculty. Our nursing faculty are respected practitioners and scholars who keep pace with the latest teaching techniques and technology and are committed to helping you master the material.

The College of Graduate Nursing staff are also a great resource. Although you are studying at a distance, we work hard to connect with you to ensure you are on track to succeed in your courses and finish in a timely fashion.

The Harriet K. and Philip Pumerantz Library and Bookstore are set up to support our students with textbook and academic research needs while the Computing Resources/Information Technology staff are available to our distance students for technical support. Electronic databases are available both on-campus and off-campus through the Library's e-resources page.

Additionally, you can draw on the expertise of the Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Office (LEAD) staff. Although located on campus, the LEAD office is still available to our distance students via email and phone. LEAD staff are ready to assist you with reviewing APA formatting for scholarly papers and sharing suggestions for stress relief.