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Meghan Aabo, Class of 2015

Why Choose WesternU? One of the things I appreciate most about COMP-Northwest is the small size and the accessibility of all of our faculty and staff. They are eager to help, provide enthusiastic support and generously give of their time. Another thing I appreciate is our location. Located about an hour and a half from the coast, the mountains, and Portland – Lebanon truly is centrally located. The scenery of the mid-Willamette valley is vibrant; hiking, biking, climbing, surfing, skiing, snowboarding – all are easily accessible (when time permits). After living out of state for 8 years, it was wonderful to come “home” to Oregon.

Community Service: The community members of Lebanon are warm and welcoming. The student body has integrated in the community in some significant ways from gardens at the public schools to health screenings for medically underserved populations. There are some remarkable opportunities for first and second year students to make an impact in the community and gain valuable experience. There are numerous clubs to get involved with, each offering various workshops, guest speaker seminars and service activities – there is even a school-sponsored club specifically for significant others to get to know each other and form their own network. I commend the intimate, family culture that COMP-Northwest has developed.



Taylor Delamarter, Class of 2016

A typical day at COMP-Northwest: My life definitely revolves around my medical training, and ultimately, my future as a physician. I wake up early in the morning to study for a couple of hours reviewing the material for class that day. Classes are usually from 9-5 with a break for lunch. I often take a short study break after class to hit the gym, eat some food and relax for a bit. Then I review the materials of the day before joining my study group to review for another couple hours. Though the environment can be stressful and sleep is often compromised, I love every minute of it, and know that the sacrifices we make now will only make us better physicians in the end.

A little more about COMP-Northwest: COMP-Northwest offers incredible opportunities to those who are willing to give completely of themselves in pursuit of excellence in medicine. Whether it is in research, clinical experiences, or community and global outreach, I whole-heartedly believe that COMP-Northwest’s dedication to excellence in education, community, and service sets it apart, making it one of the most holistic medical training institutions in the country.



Stephanie Duckett, Class of 2016

Why Choose WesternU? There are so many reasons why I chose WesternU, but I think they can all be summed under the over-arching theme of “Family”. When you accept an offer from a school, you accept their name, their reputation, for the rest of your career. I am proud to be a member of the WesternU family because of the strong commitment to creating compassionate, excellent, care-providers.

Additionally, when I interviewed at COMP-Northwest it was like no other interview I attended. Warmth and love radiated from every faculty member I met, and I immediately felt at home. Now that I’n here, the schedule is rigorous. I spend about 80 hours a week studying, which may sound daunting. But, to do that in a place where I am cared for and constantly encouraged has made the difference between stressed-out and blissed-out. We are family here, and the faculty and fellow students are all eager to help in our success.

Lastly, I have a family. I have two young children on this journey with me. COMP-Northwest’s use of the latest technology along with their location in the wonderful town of Lebanon, OR allows me to be a mom and a medical student, two very competing roles. However, at the end of the day, being good at one makes me better at the other, and here at COMP-Northwest I can excel at both.



John Mata, PhD

Associate Professor

Why did you choose to work at WesternU? When I learned that WesternU was building a new medical school in Oregon I decided that I wanted to be part of that exciting new experience. Now that I am here at COMP-NW, I am so glad I made that decision and really enjoy being part of this great team.

What would you tell a prospective student who’s considering becoming a student at WesternU? I would tell them to consider the philosphy of WesternU and compare that to other schools. WesternU has a strong commitment to students and to life long learning and strives to enstill that commitment into every aspect of the organization.

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Robyn Dreibelbis, DO

Vice Chair, Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine

How do you think the interprofessional education (IPE) curriculum will enhance student’s professional lives? What we do every day in clinical practice is communicate with others: other physicians, pharmacists, lab techs, medical assistants, nurses, patients. IPE will give them a structured curriculum which will allow them the opportunity to practice this in a small group setting. That exposure and education will prove to be invaluable to them as they move into their rotations and eventually out into residency and their careers.

As well, it will be exciting to see how the three different institutions will work together for the benefit of the students. Represented in the IPE course will be a public state university (Oregon State University), a community college (Linn Benton Community College), and a private university (Western University of Health Sciences, COMP-Northwest). This is revelent to what they will be faced with in the real world once they are out of school.

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Janice Blumer, DO

Assistant Professor NMM/OMM

Tell us about an experience where you observed a student or fellow faculty member exemplify the humanistic philosophy of our university. COMP-NW is truly a wholistic/humanistic college, incorporating the osteopathic philosophy in everything it does and extending it into the community. We educate humanistic physicians thru our curriculum, community service and service learning. I am most impressed by the humanism Dean Crone expresses every time she steps in a room. She makes everyone she touches feel they are special and involves the community whenever she can.

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Amy Jemelka Martin, Class of 2014

Pre-Doctoral NMM/OMM Teaching Fellow

I have always been more of a kinesthetic learner so I have gravitated towards activities where you learn by “doing.” Thus, when I discovered osteopathic medicine and its hands-on qualities I was immediately intrigued. Ultimately, I was won over by the four tenets of the osteopathic philosophy: 1) The person is a unit of body, mind, and spirit, 2) the body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance, 3) Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated, 4) Rational treatment is based upon and understanding of basic principles of the above three tenets.

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to develop my osteopathic skills and apply the four tenets as a NMM/OMM teaching fellow at COMP-Northwest. Within this program I have gained a second family: brilliant and wise faculty and my talented and fun-loving co-fellows, who have and will help me develop into the physician I want to be. In addition, I enjoy teaching osteopathic principles and manipulation to the first and second year students and it brings me pride knowing I am helping develop well-rounded osteopathic physicians.

When not teaching on campus, my husband and I are living in the beautiful Rogue Valley where I am completing my clinical rotations in Medford, OR. At this point, I am considering a career in Family Medicine or Pediatrics.

Molly McCormick, Class of 2015

Who I am: I was born and raised in the wonderful state of Idaho and am a middle-ish child in a family of seven kids. My parents instilled in each of us a deep respect and compassion for human life, so when I began applying to medical schools in college I was quickly drawn to the principles of osteopathic medicine. I love the idea that the body is ultimately fully equipped to heal itself. Therefore, it is our job as physicians not to heal, but to encourage the body’s innate desire to heal. We do this through manipulative techniques as well as addressing the body as a whole rather than a specific symptom or disease. I applied to the fellowship program because I saw it as an opportunity to further my abilities in recognizing disease and dysfunction using my hands while encouraging other students to explore and understand what it means to be an osteopathic physician.

Why I love COMP-NW: After spending two years in sunny SoCal at the Pomona campus of WesternU, it is truly a breath of fresh air to be back home in the northwest. Although I am only at the beginning of my journey as a fellow, my experience thus far at COMP- Northwest has exceeded all expectations. The students are willing learners, the faculty is genuinely invested in the quality of education and the staff has fostered an incredible environment of closeness and support. The fellowship at COMP-Northwest is truly exceptional, providing ample opportunity to teach and work with students while allowing time to learn from other osteopathic practitioners through shadowing and workshops.

David Joyce Zuniga, Class of 2015

Why WesternU: I chose WesternU for its strong NMM/OMM department. As an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow, I am immersed in an environment where I can strengthen my current skillset and nurture my passion for manual medicine. My experience at WesternU has been full of challenges and victories and I have grown into a more well-rounded person because of it.

Time commitment: As a Fellow for the NMM/OMM department in Lebanon, OR, my week is divided between teaching in the lab, preparing lectures, and other administrative duties. I typically expand my 8-5 job to ensure that my contributions are up to a high standard as do the rest of my Fellow colleagues.

Life as an OMM Fellow: Being selected to the Fellowship means being adopted into the NMM/OMM family. We share the majority of our experiences with each other, both on campus and off. The Fellowship offers the opportunity to focus my energy on building a community, a common goal amongst all members of the department.