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Clinical Experiences

Minhchau Vu “Rotations were challenging and useful, where my learning experiences in school were put to good use.”
-Minhchau Vu, PharmD Class of 2008

In the third and fourth years students complete seven six-week clinical rotations, plus an advanced elective clinical. WesternU is the only school of pharmacy with this special 16-week advanced elective component requirement. The advanced elective is a capstone experience that gives you advanced training in your anticipated career. For example, we've had students interested in opening independent pharmacies develop business plans, while others have completed ‘mini-residencies' or conducted major research projects.

Students on rotation

Rotation Sites

With 350 rotations sites and 750 preceptors, we provide a wide range of rotation options to our students. Sites include: private hospitals, county hospitals, Veterans Administration hospitals, military hospitals, long-term-care facilities, rehabilitation hospitals, compounding pharmacies, managed care facilities, psychiatric facilities, children's hospitals, chain drug stores, and independently-owned pharmacies. Although most students rotate through Southern California sites, some have had clinical experiences In Hawaii, Illinois, New York, Arizona, Utah and even Egypt.


Required Rotations

6 weeks
Ambulatory Care Externship (outpatient pharmacy)
6 weeks
Ambulatory Care Clinical (ambulatory care clinic)
6 weeks
Institutional Medicine (inpatient hospital-round with doctors)
6 weeks
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Elective
6 weeks
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Elective
6 weeks
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Elective
16 weeks
Advanced Elective (clinical research, community, independent business plan, or pharmaceutical research)

Pharmacy students on rotation Elective and Advanced Elective Rotations

Psychiatry Neonatal Hematology/oncology
Pediatrics Cardiology Home infusion
Critical care HIV Pain management
Long-term care Home care Surgery
Geriatrics Drug information Compounding
Managed care    

The following are some of the sites you could rotate through as a WesternU-Doctor of Pharmacy student:


For more information on clinical rotation sites, feel free to contact James Scott, PharmD, Associate Dean for Experiential and Professional Affairs at (909) 469-5517.