Christopher Alexander Lim, PharmD 2020

Who at WesternU has made you feel supported and how?

The Faculty and Staff here at WesternU are all very supportive, understanding, compassionate, and welcoming. During times of examination, I have had Faculty and Staff personally stop by and ask how things are going and see if there are any questions I might have in regards to their course. They really see you as a peer and future colleague rather than just another “student”. The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Mark Iannuzzo, has been an invaluable resource for me personally. He has an open door policy where students can feel free to stop by and talk to him about anything from academics to general life.

How has your involvement in co-curricular activities (e.g. clubs or student government association) impacted you and/or the community you serve? There are a lot of opportunities here at WesternU to get involved in organizations and leadership positions. I came from a background of barely having any leadership roles to becoming the Executive Vice President of the entire University. This allowed for an opportunity of personal growth where I was able to learn more about myself and how to better work with the individuals around me. It was also a great way to meet various professions and Administrative faculty and build that sort of network while in school.

Clarissa Ko, PharmD 2019

Who at WesternU has made you feel supported and how?
The people at WesternU embody a sense of community and are very supportive and encouraging in helping students to strive to perform their best. The faculty especially have shown great willingness and passion to help students understand material by emphasizing important topics in class, answering all questions students have, and opening their schedule to meet with students.

How has your involvement in co-curricular activities (e.g. clubs or student government association) impacted you and/or the community you serve?
My involvement in co-curricular activities has helped me grow as an individual. It has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and gain valuable teamwork, leadership, and organizational skills that will be beneficial in the future. Engaging in such opportunities allows building connections with faculty, peers, and pharmacists currently working in the field. It also allows students to learn more about different areas of pharmacy to discover their interests.

Marvin Ortiz, PharmD 2018

How have you seen the University’s humanistic philosophy lived out by members of the WesternU family?

One of the best activities I have been involved in on and off campus is the Pomona Community Health Action Team. I have loved the collaboration that exists with the team members from each of the nine colleges within the WesternU family. Together we are able to provide the full spectra of clinical services to the Pomona Community and its underserved populations. I am very proud of the work we do, however, what I am even more proud is our preceptors: our professors. They embody the mission of WesternU’s humanistic philosophy. They spend their week teaching us in class, teaching their third and fourth year students at their clinical practice sites, advising our student organizations, and yet they still consistently choose to give up their Saturdays in order to precept us. I am amazed by their commitment to the community and their commitment to us as students and our development as professionals. What I learn from them is more than clinical knowledge and practical skills, it is the tools to live out my life in service to my community as modeled by them.

Grace MyAnh Tran, PharmD 2018

Describe your best clinical experience and why it was memorable.

During one of our health fairs in Anaheim, we provided free blood pressure and blood sugar screenings to the community. Many of the people we served were low income or homeless. I remember one lady in particular who was shocked to see her blood pressure results. She was tearing up while she told our preceptor and I about her situation, and she was concerned about getting treatment. We calmed her down and found a solution using free clinics. This was the first time I felt the responsibility of a health care provider to the patients we serve.

Cynthia Jackevicius, BScPhm, PharmD, MSc, FCSHP, BCPS

Professor College of Pharmacy

WesternU distinctive: The block system is unique to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program at WesternU. It allows students to focus on one major therapeutic topic at a time and concentrate their learning in this area. Many students choose WesternU since they enjoy learning in this system.

Best Advice: WesternU is unique in that the school focuses on health professions education. It is a small campus so it is very welcoming and easy to get involved in student activities, such as those with professional associations.

On interprofessional education: Incorporating an IPE curriculum is an ideal way to teach health professionals since upon graduation, health professionals all work with each other to manage patient’s health issues.

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Anandi Law, B.Pharm, PhD

Department Chair, Professor, College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administration

On research: A WesternU intramural grant helped fund one of my earliest research proposals when I joined here. The project was a survey of (40% of) California community pharmacies to determine the status and extent of disease management programs. The results from that project were published in a fairly high impact journal for pharmacy practitioners and researchers (Journal of American Pharmacists Association) and helped establish my work in this area as well as expand the scope of my practice based research as community (chain and independent) pharmacies contacted me to help start such programs in their settings. Currently WesternU is trying to expand its research infrastructure and I am looking forward to hearing more about the increased resources.

WesternU distinctive: There are various unique aspects of the Pharm.D. program that define us: The block system is unique in the fact that students focus on only one area at a time; although personally I was more at ease with traditional programs, time and data have shown that the block system seems to be successful in increasing focus and depth in a topic area. It also helps faculty have focused time for their teaching and research during different times of the year without interruption. The Advanced Elective is another unique aspect – it serves as a capstone project for our students and is valued by all constituents – since it allows the student to take a project from conception to completion.

On interprofessional education: The IPE initiative is really exciting in its attempts to have health care providers learn and develop positive attitudes and respect and have realistic expectations of other health care professionals so the team concept that we preach in patent-focused care moves to reality.

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Bradley T. Andresen, PhD

Assistant Professor

How do you think the interprofessional education (IPE) curriculum will enhance student’s professional lives? IPE will provide student pharmacists the opportunity to practice clinical interactions with multiple professions that they would not normally see in their early clinical rotations. As with any skill this increased practice leads to increased ability, allowing student pharmacists to be more knowledgeable and confident when interacting with other health professions.

Kevin Mai, PharmD

PharmD, Class of 2018

Who at WesternU has made you feel supported and how? There are many instances of personal connections made by faculty that help me translate WesternU as home. The Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Mark Iannuzzo, is constantly available to students as a resource for anything and everything. The door to his office remains open and welcomes students who are in need of assistance, who have questions, or who just want to chat for a while. Secondly the Dean, Dr. Daniel Robinson, is an inspiration to all the students. He makes the effort to talk with students and get to know them all the while advocating for the profession and running the college. Dean Robinson has helped to encourage me to run for local and regional leadership positions through his willingness to listen to students.

Elizabeth Akhparyan, PharmD

PharmD, Class of 2017

How have you seen the university’s humanistic philosophy lived out by members of the WesternU family?
WesternU has evolved a system of education which prepares pharmacists who prioritize humanism, caring and science. Four years ago, I dreamt a dream that I would one day be able to wear my white coat and interact as a health care provider. Today as a third year Pharmacy student, WesternU is not only the school which I attend, but is also my second home. WesternU has created an environment that prioritizes communication and care as a core. Our instructors all work with the common goal, to provide for us direction while continuing to inspire the passion we have for patients, serving as our mentors tirelessly. Our Dean individually assess that we have the perfect conduit to develop with competency. If I had to narrow my choices for Pharmacy School, I would have undoubtedly made the same choice. WesternU is a home to future pharmacists, who were raised in an environment with love, care, and attention. Now, I strive to preserve and practice with all these values as a caring member of an inter-professional team.

Corey Edwards, PharmD

PharmD, Class of 2015

How did your involvement in co-curricular activities (e.g. clubs or student government) influence your personal life? I learned that the idea of separating business and personal life is not best suited to the profession of pharmacy. This is a lifestyle that has the potential to change who you are and the impact you have on everyone around you. Student organizations are they key to giving students tools, experiences, and confidence that will allow you to be effective practitioners and advocates for your profession.

What would you tell a prospective student about WesternU? WesternU is a great institution if you have the fortitude to discover what it has to offer. A degree is merely a piece of paper, but what you do with it gives it value. If you choose WesternU, that is only the begining. Make the most of it because it’s a great opportunity with limitless potential.

Roy Morita, PharmD

PharmD, Class of 2008

Time commitment: The block system took a little while to get used to, as there is a quiz, test, team assignment or individual assignment every two to three days. After you get used to it, it’s amazing how much information can be covered in a short amount of time.

Best thing about WesternU: Diversity. WesternU has many non-traditional students, including mid-career/foreign students, parents, older, non-science majors, etc. in addition to traditional students. This diversity adds to the learning experience by allowing you to meet many very interesting people.