Debra Hogan, BS, PT

Describe an engaging aspect of your program and why you like it. I love the fact that this program is specifically for working physical therapists. Because of the online classes, we can do our homework and assignments at anytime during the day, even at 3 o'clock in the morning…whatever suits our schedule. Another great aspect of the program is the interaction with other physical therapists with different backgrounds and different fields of expertise.

James Reising, PT

Why did you choose WesternU? I chose WesternU for several reasons. First: Value. A respected education at the most reasonable price. Second: The effort that WesternU makes for the program to fit into a working professionals schedule. Third: I respect the WesternU graduates professionally. I've seen their education in action.

Mary Hudson-McKinney, PT, MS, DPT, NCS

Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy Education

Research interests: I am a board-certified neurologic clinical specialist in the PT program. I plan on looking at evaluating the reliability of a balance-assessment tool in community-dwelling elderly individuals. In the future, I plan on evaluating this tool for individuals with Parkinson's disease to determine their risk of falling. Lastly, I plan on completing a study that looks at the use of this tool by physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and physician assistants.

Beyond the classroom: I have attended “club day” and was able to meet and speak with a variety of students that actively participate in a variety of organizations. I also have attended various lunches and fund raisers student groups have offered. In my program, I have supported our PT students and acted as a faculty advisor when students presented at a local Parkinson's Support group on balance training and fall/risk prevention. I hope to do more of these types of things in the future.

I think WesternU is an outstanding University. Our graduates routinely score very high on the state boards and work in varied areas of practice.

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Casey Chaney, PT, PhD. OCS, CSCS

Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy Education

Research Topics: I have participated in research on low back pain in students, the effect of inhibitory taping in normal subjects, the immediate effect of inhibitory taping to the upper trapezius muscle in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome and I am currently working on the long term training effects of exercise with inhibitory taping on patients with shoulder impingement syndrome over an 8-week intervention program.

WesternU Distinctive: A unique aspect of our program is the fact that we have faculty teaching in the areas of their expertise. Many programs assign faculty to teach in areas that may not be their strengths. I think that the ratio of instructors to students in our labs, by using some adjunct clinical instructors, is especially valuable for manual evaluation and treatment skills.

Beyond the Classroom: I have been involved in long distance running for decades and coached adults from novice to Olympic trial caliber. My son, granddaughter and two dogs provide balance in my life.

Best Advice: Maintain some balance in your life.

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Iaisha Marlene Flores

DPT, Class of 2015

What would you tell a prospective student about WesternU? The transitional DPT program was a great program that allowed me to advance my knowledge and become more aware of evidence based medicine, without compromising to much of my time away from family and work. The staff was extremely supportive and I found it very helpful to be able to collaborate with other Physical Therapist in the field. Overall, I had a positive experience, and I would recommend the tDPT to any clinician that is looking to gain a more advance standing in the PT profession .

Colleen Liaga, DPT

What would you tell a prospective student about WesternU? I had a wonderful experience at WesternU. The physical therapy staff/professors are knowledgeable and thoughtful. The library staff is superb. WesternU promotes a desire for the healthcare professional to care for the person as a whole. I would tell a prospective student to highly consider WesternU.

Andrea Stouffer, PT, DPT, OCS

Why did you choose WesternU? I entered this program as a professional commitment, in keeping with APTA's 2020 vision that all of us practicing are doctors of physical therapy. What I have gotten out of the program is much more than I could have imagined. I really enjoyed getting to go back to school and learn things in more depth, while also getting to go to work every day and apply new skills and knowledge.

Melinda Salvador, DPT

DPT-Advanced, Class of 2008

Time commitment: I was a long-distance student in the DPT-Advanced program. This was a great way for me to attend school, as it was mostly online, though I did enjoy my times on campus. I could study at my own pace and the curriculum was perfect in that it applied to my current job responsibilities.

WesternU distinctive: Because it is online, I can study at my own pace, and it’s very affordable compared to other institutions.

Kenneth Zaparinuk, PT, DPT, OCS, BSPE

Why did you choose WesternU? I chose WesternU because the program was supported by the APTA, it is an accreditted program and with the tuition reimbursement from my employer I had a minimum of cost. I work in the desert cities and my commute was easy for the required onsite classes.

Describe your best clinical experience and why it was memorable. My practice setting is mainly outpatient orthopedics. Before this program I was a statistic….a PT that did not take regular blood pressures on patients with a cardiac history. Our cardiorespiratory class made me aware that a large percentage of outpatient PT's do not regularly take BP on their patients with comorbidities. This new practice served a patient well as her resting BP was 170/115! She reported no symptoms before the measurement. Thankfully I didn't start her on her HEP. She went back to the MD to balance her BP before returning to PT.