A Week in the Life of a Physician Assistant Student

First Year (87 hrs/wk)

Second Year (84 hrs/wk)

Pie chart depicting time spent in first year

Pie chart depicting time spent in the second year

First Year

Class Time: The majority of your class time is spent in lecture and clinical labs. You will develop and fine-tune your clinical and critical thinking skills in lecture and laboratory experiences.Students working in lab

Studying: Studying often consists of application and synthesis of information contained in lectures, handouts, class notes, case studies, and assigned reading.

Volunteer Clinical Experience: You will have the opportunity to gain clinical experience throughout the year in club and volunteer settings. Chances are you will work with WesternU students from other programs to provide care to disadvantaged patients in the Pomona area.

Second Year

Clinical Rotations: In the second year you will work with site preceptors, rotating through different clinics and hospitals. With 11 months of rotations and more than 500 established rotation sites, you can gain experience in a variety of settings with a primary care focus. Rotations can include performing procedures as well as monthly lectures to keep you up to date on current events and techniques.

Student on rotationStudying: While focusing on clinical rotations, you will continue to read, research topics covered in your rotations, and return to campus for senior semester exams 4 times each semester.

Master’s Thesis: Your master’s thesis involves collaborating with other students to complete a thorough research and writing project while completing your clinical rotations. Many group members use the internet to share their research, as they may be located in distant cities during their rotations.

Non-Academic Time

For long weekends or during spring and winter breaks, you can go home to see your family, ski, or maybe take a trip to Las Vegas. There are many cultural and recreational things to do when you live in Southern California, so our students try to take advantage of them when they can.