WesternU College of Dental Medicine Webinars

The following on-demand content has been collected to help you learn more about WesternU’s College of Dental Medicine and the DMD program. We will update this page with new recordings, as they occur, throughout the year. Please check back often. If you have any content suggestions you’re welcome to contact us at recruitment@westernu.edu. Enjoy!

Community Engagement

WesternU was built on the basis of humanism and has since, remained on of our core values in each one of our programs. Dr. Marisa Watanabe will be discussing how the College of Dental Medicine incorporates community engagement for it’s students and it’s importance to their education.

Scheduled for: October 15, 2020 at 3:00PM Pacific time

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Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Quite possibly the most stressful aspect of any application process is the interview portion. What should you say?  How do you make a lasting impression? What is the committee looking for? You have probably asked yourself these questions countless of times. Dr. Turchi will give you an insight on how to best prepare, and how to have a successful interview.
Speaker: Jeffrey Turchi, DDS
Originally streamed on 11/04/2021

Why WesternU?

A question that can make or break an application is Why WesternU. Join Dr. Jeffery Turchi as he discusses how to properly navigate this question and how to give yourself the best opportunity to join the WesternU Family.

Originally streamed on 6/23/2020

WesternU Preview

Our online WesternU Preview events are designed to address your questions and provide in-depth information. You’ll hear from faculty, Admissions personnel, and current students.

Originally streamed on 6/10/2020