WesternU College of Health Sciences Webinars

The following on-demand content has been collected to help you learn more about WesternU’s College of Health Sciences and the DPT program. We will update this page with new recordings, as they occur, throughout the year. Please check back often. If you have any content suggestions you’re welcome to contact us at recruitment@westernu.edu. Enjoy!

Why IPE for Rural Areas

Why is interprofessional education important for future rural healthcare professionals? (Can you provide examples of successful strategies for implementing interprofessional education in rural and underserved communities in Oregon?)

The Ideal Candidate

What makes an ideal candidate for WesternU – Oregon’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program?

Why Lebanon, Oregon

Why is Lebanon, Oregon the ideal location for this DPT program?

Needs Identified

What needs did Western University of Health Sciences identify in developing this Doctor of Physical Therapy program in Oregon?

Community Service

One of the values of the department is service. How do you see students providing service during their time at WesternU – Oregon? What community projects do you foresee?