A Week in the Life of a Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy Student

Flexibility of the Program
As a student in the Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy program, you can complete coursework at your own pace. We give you the flexibility to choose the number of courses to take each trimester for your typical student this is one course which amounts to about 12 hours each week for studying and working on the web-based curriculum plus 3 to 5 days per trimester on campus for interactive class sessions.

Students practicing

Many students have additional responsibilities such as raising a family or caring for aging family members, while working full-time in either administrative or clinical practice roles in the physical therapy field. The flexibility of this program is ideally suited to their needs of balancing life roles.

“For me, study time happens, much of the time in the evening or when my kids are at their extracurricular activities.”

Lee Anne Robotta, Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy Student

Academic Time

Online Curriculum and Study Time (12 hrs/wk per course):

The online portion of the program is incredibly flexible and offers you the opportunity to continue with your life while completing the doctoral program. Power-Point lectures are posted online for review and study, as are assigned readings, textbooks and journals. When off-campus, you will prepare presentations, conduct research, study for exams and prepare for your on-campus meetings.

On-Campus Time (3 to 5 days per course):

On-campus time allows you to participate in traditional lectures and group-skills labs. During your visits to campus, you will also take exams and make presentations. Additionally, this gives you an opportunity to interact with faculty and classmates in person; enhancing future distance learning activities and discussion board conversations since faces and personalities can now be matched to online name postings.