A Week in the Life of a Distance Nursing Student

Our web-based programs allow you to work part-time or full-time while completing your education. While in the program, you can put in a good work week, spend time with family, log clinical hours, participate in course discussions, carve out time for studying, and even take a family vacation.

Nursing students in study room
Academic Time

Online Curriculum and Study Time: PowerPoint lectures are posted online for review and study as are assigned readings from textbooks and journals. Through email and phone calls, you will be able to work on group projects with fellow classmates and receive guidance from faculty. You will discover that you make lasting bonds with your professors and classmates, even though you only come together in person twice each semester.

On Campus Time (2 weekends per semester): On campus time allows you to participate in traditional lectures and group-skills labs. During your visits to campus you will also take exams and do presentations. On-campus time gives you an opportunity to meet faculty and classmates in person, so you can match faces with online personalities. This makes the distance-learning environment even more effective and enjoyable.

CGN Seminar weekend

Clinical: As a student in the FNP, ANL, CNL and AMB tracks of the MSN program, you will also complete clinical time as part of your curriculum.

  • MSN (CNL Track) – 405 hours total
  • MSN  (ANL Track) – 135 hours total
  • MSN  (AMB Track) – 225 hours total
  • FNP – 750 hours total

Practice-Based Experience: As a student in the DNP program, you will also complete practice-based hours as part of your curriculum.

  • DNP – a minimum of 1000 hours

(the DNP program is a completion program for the MSN prepared nurses and takes into account previous clinical/practice experiences; therefore, practice hours within the DNP program will be adjusted accordingly to meet the needs of the AACN requirement of 1000 hours. Students will be responsible for collecting verification of clinical/practice hours from their MSN program).