Competitive Candidate Profile

Although there is no formula to ensure admittance to the Master of Science in Nursing-Entry (MSN-E) program, it is in your best interest to demonstrate to the admissions committee whichever of the following key attributes you possess.

We desire that each MSN-E student:

  • Is academically prepared to succeed in our rigorous professional programs.
  • Is well rounded with diverse educational and life experience backgrounds.
  • Has shown interest and involvement in the community.
  • Has knowledge of and/or experience in the field in which he/she hopes to practice.
  • Has excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Has a good understanding of both the profession and WesternU.
Students in a Nursing lab

The following statistics for the class seated August 2020 will give you a sense of where you might fall within the applicant pool. For additional statistics, please visit the Office of Institutional Research’s Academic Outcomes web page.

Application Counts

Number of MSN-E Applications Received 663
Number of Interviews Granted 155
Number of Enrolled Students 72

Applicant Scores

Average Overall GPA 3.47
Last 60 3.61