Early Acceptance Opportunity Day

Due to your outstanding qualifications, you have been invited to a day especially designed to:

  • Orient you to the College of Graduate Nursing by networking with faculty and students.
  • Provide you with information about the MSN-E program and curriculum.
  • Give you a review of the admissions process from this point forward.
  • Provide you with information about student resources and organizations.

Most importantly, it is an opportunity for our faculty, staff, and current students to get to know you and for you to get to know us!

Please view the full agenda for the session you signed up for:

After your attendance, you will be notified via email within two weeks to either offer you admission, or request that you attend a formal interview.  You may be invited to attend a formal interview if the faculty determine the need to better understand your interest in the nursing profession before deciding your admission outcome.

Preparing for Virtual Early Acceptance Opportunity Day:

If you have any questions about what to expect at Early Acceptance Opportunity Day, please contact:
Eva M. Badouin, M.S.
Director of Student Services, College of Graduate Nursing
Email: ebadouin@westernu.edu
Ph: 909-469-5515

Virtual Simulation Tour

Welcome to the College of Graduate Nursing Virtual Simulation Tour. During the virtual tour you will be introduced to the Simulation Center leader and staff, view demonstrations of nursing skills, and observe a simulation and debrief session. We use our Simulation Center to build both skills and confidence and provide students with hands on experience in preparation for clinical opportunities. We hope this video provides some insight into the world of a student nurse.

Use this link to view the Simulation Center Virtual Tour video.

Financial Aid On-demand Webinar

The Office of Financial Aid has designed an online presentation specifically for WesternU interviewees. The following presentation is a good first-step in addressing your financial aid questions at WesternU.

If you have any questions please contact us at: