For general questions

The Office of University Recruitment will provide general information about the program, the application process, financial aid, and student life. We can also connect you with the appropriate resources at WesternU. We look forward to addressing your questions about the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) program.

Chris Calzada
University Recruiter

For questions about your application

The Office of Admissions will assist you during the application process, so please feel free to introduce yourself to us and ask any questions you might have. If you are unable to reach your Admissions Counselor, please contact any Admissions Staff.

Admitted DO Students
Martha Alfaro — Assistant Director of Admissions
(909) 469 – 5332

DO Applicants A-I & MSHS Applicants 
Christopher Vu — Admissions Counselor
(909) 469 – 5261

DO Applicants J – R & Transfer Applicants
Judith Mauricio — Admissions Counselor
(909) 469 – 5333

DO Applicants S – Z & Linkage Applicants
Analyse Parres — Admissions Counselor
(909) 469 – 5377

WesternU Admissions Office
(909) 469 – 5335