Breaking News: In accordance with the educational standards and requirements adopted by the Council on Podiatric Medical Education, the Western University of Health Sciences College of Podiatric Medicine has been evaluated and accredited.

Imagine how you’ll feel seeing someone walk again because of you…or just as exciting, working with athletes to maintain their full potential by treating and preventing sports injuries. Podiatric medicine opens doors to research and participation in clinical trials for novel treatments and technologies. Whether you open your own practice after graduation, participate in research, government consulting or join the pharmaceutical field, podiatric medicine is a diverse and financially rewarding medical career choice.

Podiatric Medicine at WesternU

The field of podiatry has changed dramatically – The practice of podiatric medicine and surgery involves the medical diagnosis and management of conditions that are dermatological, neurological, vascular and musculoskeletal in nature that may be local or systemic that are manifested in the lower extremity and especially the foot and ankle. A podiatric physician can help prevent amputations while saving limbs and lives. By the time you graduate, you will be able to apply the cutting edge technology of living cell and gene therapy to the field of diabetic wound healing.

Our Podiatric Medicine Program is Different

The groundbreaking curriculum is founded on a new approach to podiatric medicine based on real world case studies, non-textbook critical thinking, problem solving, and skill building in an interactive team approach. Our four-year program allows you to learn with an integrated team of health professionals in a part of the country with a wealth of clinical opportunities.

The podiatric medicine program is housed in our new $100 million building, outfitted with the newest and latest educational technology, in sunny Southern California. This curriculum was developed by an internationally renowned team with over 85 years of podiatric medical experience: Lester J. Jones, DPM, MS Ed, and Robert Christman, DPM, EdM are recognized for their leadership in the diabetic foot, bio-mechanics and radiology fields.

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WesternU: A Record of Exceptional New Colleges and Graduates

WesternU has opened nine colleges in 30 years, earning exceptional accreditation reviews, high board exam pass rates, and numerous job offers for our graduates. We expect nothing less for our latest addition to the family: The College of Podiatric Medicine and its charter class. Hear from the charter class about their experience.

Why Choose WesternU?

Pursuing a DPM degree at Western University of Health Sciences offers you:

  • Internationally renowned Lester J. Jones, DPM, MS Ed, Interim Dean, Executive Associate Dean of Academic and Clinical Affairs
  • A small, private, health-focused institution that fosters interprofessional learning with other health professions
  • In many cases, students will learn alongside medical students in our well-regarded College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (COMP)
  • Introduction to early clinical training beginning the first year will help to accelerate your professional and communication skills
  • Access to new podiatric medical and surgical residencies being developed with our clinical partners
  • Consistently high graduation, retention and first-time board pass rates in existing programs. We expect the DPM program to be no exception!
  • Long-standing university-wide humanistic tradition of treating patients as people first; treating students as colleagues; and fostering camaraderie among students
  • Outstanding student support services, including tutoring and disability resources
  • Diverse student body and rich array of student club and volunteer opportunities
  • A great Southern California location with tremendous clinical training opportunities as well as access to major cultural and recreational resources

WesternU’s College of Podiatric Medicine is committed to providing you all the support you need to succeed academically and professionally. If you want to practice podiatric medicine using the latest technologies and help people in ways you’ve never imagined, consider WesternU.


The Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME), the professional accreditation body for Podiatric Medicine, has granted WesternU’s College of Podiatric Medicine full accreditation. The Council on Podiatric Medical Education is an autonomous accrediting agency for podiatric medical education. Deriving its authority from the House of Delegates of the American Podiatric Medical Association, the Council is empowered to develop and adopt standards and policies as necessary for the implementation of all aspects of its accreditation, approval, and recognition purview.  To learn more, see our accreditation page.

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