Master of Science in Nursing/Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (MSN/PHMNP) and Post-Masters (PMHNP)

As a PMHNP-track student, you will complete a minimum of 750 precepted clinical hours in your community.  A qualified preceptor, such as a physician, counselor, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, will mentor you through this skill-building phase.  Your preceptor is an important partner in your education.  CGN will assist with locating preceptors as close to your home as possible, though in some instances, students may have to travel for clinical rotations.  The partnership between you and the mentor not only prepares you for clinical practice, but also positions you for employment opportunities.


Your clinical experiences focus on meeting the mental health needs of the individual client, the family, or the group.  Through your clinical experiences, you will encounter children, adolescents, adults, and older adults for acute, chronic, or complex mental health needs.  You will gain experiences in addiction medicine and you will learn multiple modalities of counseling.

Your clinical settings may include inpatient settings, outpatient or ambulatory care settings, substance abuse treatment centers, urgent or emergent care setting, homeless shelters. Most students obtain precepted experiences at multiple sites to obtain the widest possible experience in practice patterns, skill sets, and specialties.

Clinical faculty will perform evaluations each semester to determine your progress with preceptor interactions, and patient encounters to ensure your experiences meet our rigorous standards.